What is the “Staging Mentor” Program? 

A “job shadow program” where a successful veteran stager (Staging Mentor) takes other,  stagers  (Trainees) along with them for days of staging, redesign or warehouse tours.  The Staging Mentor will be instructing them every step of the way on the “why” and “what” they are doing “design wise.”   The Trainee simply rolls up their sleeves and assists, soaking it all in and gaining the confidence of experience.  It is purely a “watch and learn” in the ultimate, unrehearsed, hands-on environment where everyone benefits.

Why a Staging Mentor Program? 

There is a need for stagers to be able to watch and learn from professionals in the field who are highly respected and set the bar for the industry.  While there have been informal “job shadowing” relationships there is also a need to structure, set the expectation, limit the liability and make sure those who participate are “invested” in the staging industry and their business.